Ever Had Problems Getting Trousers To Fit?

You need to take a second look at this.

This pattern ruler enables you to draft any kind of  trouser pattern to your own exact figure measurements.

No matter what your shape or size.

By using this pre-graded pattern ruler you will quickly achieve the basic trouser block to create different styles of trousers. 

You can create different types of trousers, such as: 

  • Jeans, 
  • Leggings, 
  • Slacks, 
  • Palazzo Pants, 
  • Pyjama Pants, 
  • Hipster Jeans, 
  • Boot-Leg Jeans, 
  • Shorts etc. 

Illustrated instructions on how to style these different types of trousers are in the special trouser book, supplied with the adult (general) pattern ruler. Trouser book


The key to being able to create different types of trousers, is by starting with the right size basic pattern made from your own figure measurements

If you have experienced any of these fitting problems:-

  • Your Trousers crease over the upper leg
  • Your trousers are tight around the thighs: See this page
  • Your trouser fit around the hips but not in the waist: See this page
  • Your trouser fit around the hips but pull into creases below the crutch
  • Your trousers are too long or too short in the crutch  – how to measure your crutch depth.
  • Your trousers droop and are baggy below your buttocks


Then This Pattern Ruler Kit is Just what you need

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