This General Pattern Ruler is supplied with two illustrated instruction manuals that teach you step-by-step, plus a DVD for visual explanation as well.


This Pattern Making Ruler makes all the basic blocks for Blouses, Trousers, Sleeves, even the "Drop Shoulder" (raglan) patterns, all in your own size

Easy Pattern Making - Magic Measuring Tape

Individual Size

Measure your actual bust measurement, using a tape measure, the size on the tape measure is the size number you use on the pattern ruler.

Trousers & Jeans

With this Pattern Ruler you can also make Trouser and Jeans patterns as well, using the supplied manual. All in your own size and shape

Any Pattern

With this Pattern Drafting Ruler, You can create any kind of pattern by using your OWN INDIVIDUAL MEASUREMENTS

Illustrated Instruction Manual & DVD Samples

Video Tutorials