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Learn how to create and design your very own wardrobe using the Point & Pivot Pattern System

Easy Pattern Making

"The Most Proficient Piece of Equipment in Pattern Making you could ask for! - and it is so easy to use"  YOU Can Create Any Pattern YOU can Imagine  This is a teach yourself pattern making system for you to use at home.  If you sew - you deserve this innovative pattern making tool. 

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Easy Pattern Making – Designing Collars Series – Part 1

By Eilleen | 13th April 2017

Hi Everyone, Eilleen here 🙂 We will be releasing a series on Designing Collars, the initial set has 4 parts . Here is part 1 of the Designing Collars web series. We will upload a new Part every day for the remainder of this week (28.02.17 until 03.03.17), thereafter we will be releasing Series 2…
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