Easy Pattern Making

"The Most Proficient Piece of Equipment in Pattern Making you could ask for! - and it is so easy to use"  YOU Can Create Any Pattern YOU can Imagine  This is a teach yourself pattern making system for you to use at home.  If you sew - you deserve this innovative pattern making tool. 


These Amazing Ladies Designed and Sewed these wonderful garments using the General Adult Pattern Ruler Kit

For that perfect fit!

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See Our General Adult Pattern Ruler Kit:

This is a Pre-graded pattern drafting tool.

It has been specifically designed to make any
kind of pattern using your own individual body

This pattern tool is pre-set in the actual sizes
measured from your own figure in order to
achieve a custom, personal fit.

As such, this pattern tool enables you to draw
patterns for blouses, dresses, sleeves, trousers,
jeans AND includes the “drop shoulder” basic for
raglan, track suites and casual jackets.

This pattern ruler provides not only the starting
point, but the training, for you to be able to
design your own styles.

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