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Learn how to create and design your very own wardrobe using the Point & Pivot Pattern System


See what our customers have to say about these remarkable pattern making kits!


“It is the most proficient piece of equipment in pattern making you could ask for, and it so easy to use” Ellie, Teaches pattern making

“Very thrilled with your pattern ruler, I found it easy to use” – Faith

“It has been invaluable. I have learnt so much about pattern making and fit from using the pattern ruler and can now adjust bought patterns for friends” – Celia

“This is amazing. I can’t believe I spent so many years learning how to draft pattern blocks, and with this pattern ruler you can earn in one day.” Annetjie

“I am writing to tell you how impressed I am. It has saved hours of time and much nicer to use than any other pattern making method I have tried.” Tracy

“This is really the most super pattern maker since they invented the flat pattern. Patterns in my school are now being drafted with your pattern ruler” – Tahara – Fashion & Design teacher.

“Your method of making the pants pattern with this pattern ruler is incredible. I could not believe how simple it was to get the size right” – Martjie

“I feel I must write to tell you how chaffed I am with my first pattern. I have sewn the dress together and it fits perfectly. Baie danke” – Mev S.

“I have been sewing for years, and this is the first trouser pattern I can find no fault with. It fits perfectly. Well done” Mrs A.v.d.Spey

“This is really the most amazing thing I have seen to make patterns. How on earth did you come up with this idea?” – Ex teacher A. Van Greunen.

“This pattern ruler is fantastic. I am having such fun designing, and it’s great having patterns that fit” – Cindy

“Wonderful method. Thank you for coming up with this idea” Lynette.

“It is so much easier to use than I imagined.  I am way ahead of the other students in my design class because I can make my patterns so quickly” - Dudu, Tech student

“Just to congratulate you on a well written book. Have reads others and got very confused. Yours leaves nothing out.It is extremely easy to follow. Your research is obvious.”

Ingenious idea. It puts pattern making is the reach of every sewer. You deserve the reward” Eddie (referring to the Chamber of Commerce Business award.

The way you have explained the principles of basic pattern making is so easy to understand. I have done pattern construction at Tech. Your method with this pattern ruler is great. I am so glad I gave it a try”

“I am so excited about being too able to design a dress that fits well. I have being using your pattern ruler for two months” – Isabel

“The trouser pattern is the best yet. First time I have had a pair of trousers that fits spot on. Well done and good luck for the future.”

“I have used it so much, it has proven itself over and over, I don’t know what I would have done without it” – Celia-Started a dressmaking business.

“An extremely clever idea.  I am impressed and delighted with the pattern ruler” – Anita M

This is the first time I have had a pants pattern that fits. And it is so comfortable. Its great. Thank you -  Miss L

Both the Point & Pivot Pattern ruler and the reference books are easy to use and the instructions are able to be fully understood. A great deal of work has been put into the contents of this product. It empowers ladies like myself to start and maintain a small business with ease.”


“I have used the children’s ruler “Kiddy Klobber” extensively in the development of children’s line of clothing for a client.  These patterns were made from sketches and magazine articles and ranged from dresses and T-shirts to jackets and trousers.  Without this system these patterns my client would not have the successful business she has today”

“As far as the other two rulers are concerned I make patterns from sketches and pictures for clients with “problem” figures as well as those without who require a specific look.” From SP

My mother bought your pattern ruler at a demonstration in Pretoria. We were very impressed watching you drawing the patterns. I have become more impressed since I started using the ruler. The clothes I have sewn, using the pattern made from the ruler, have fitted perfectly. This young woman has pursued a career in dressmaking in New Zealand


I am writing to you to THANK YOU for introducing me to the pattern ruler, I use it all the time, as an avid dressmaker it has made a huge difference in the quality of my sewing creations.

The pattern ruler is so easy to use I can't believe I managed to work without it before.