If you think pattern making and designing is only for professionals

Think again !

NOW it is Possible for Every Sewer to do it Herself


Pattern Ruler 2016


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Why use this pattern making system?

  • This pattern ruler is a pre-graded pattern drafting tool that has ben especially designed to make any kind of pattern by using your own individual body measurements.
  • This pattern ruler is pre-set in the actual sizes measured from your figure in order to achieve a custom sized fit.
  • If you have ever wished to be able to design different styles – become your own designer – This is your chance – This pattern ruler provides the starting point.
  • This pattern ruler draws the basic patterns for Blouses, dresses, sleeves, trousers, skirts and casual jackets.
  • This pattern ruler draws patterns from tiny petite sizes to extra ,extra large sizes, for all the patterns. No matter what your shape or size, you will get a pattern to fit your size.
  • The pattern ruler saves you having to learn all the complicated theory to draft pattern blocks by calculating the body measurements and points. No more using dozens of card board basic pattern blocks.
  • This pattern ruler gives you the ability to make any pattern quickly and to understand what you are doing.
  • Make sewing patterns the easy way!


Watch the video on the left to see how quickly you can draw a pattern with this amazing pattern ruler.

General Pattern Ruler

General Pattern Ruler

This unique Pattern drafting ruler draws custom sized patterns to enable anyone too achieve an individual fit. This pattern ruler draws any kind of pattern, to fit any sized person, male or female i.e. – dresses, blouses, shirts, trousers, sleeves, track suits, and casual jackets FROM THE ONE PATTERN RULER. Full pattern making instructions supplied, being two books plus a DVD.

General Pattern Ruler

Childrens' Pattern Ruler

Children’s Pattern Ruler

Pre graded, pre calculated pattern drafting ruler for children’s clothing. Fits Girls and boys from 18 months old up to 12 – 14 years of age. Provides all the necessary curves for necklines, armholes, crutch curves etc. Eliminates the tedious need to calculate different pattern blocks for each/ every age group. Makes patterns for bodice, (shirts & blouse), skirts, trousers, casual jackets, track suits – ALL INCLUSIVE

Children’s Pattern Ruler

Skirt Book Cover

Design 54 Different Skirts

This magic book on skirt designing and pattern making will teach you, with no previous experience, how to create 54 different skirt designs – with just a straight school ruler, pencil and paper. No other equipment is needed. Skirts made from THIS book will fit over your hips, and in your waist, no matter what size or shape you are. Amaze yourself – This book is an absolute necessity for any budding designer, especially beginners.

Design 54 Different Skirts

“The Most Proficient Piece of Equipment in Pattern Making you could ask for! – and it is so easy to use”

YOU Can Create Any Pattern YOU can Imagine

This is a teach yourself pattern making system for you to use at home.

If you sew – you deserve this innovative pattern making tool.

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