If you think pattern making and designing is only for professionals

Think again !

NOW it is Possible for Every Sewer to do it Themselves


General Pattern Ruler 2016

"The Most Proficient Piece of Equipment in Pattern Making you could ask for! - and it is so easy to use"

YOU Can Create Any Pattern YOU can Imagine

This is a teach yourself pattern making system for you to use at home.

If you sew - you deserve this innovative pattern making tool. 


General Pattern Ruler


Kiddies Pattern Ruler
Kiddies Pattern Ruler


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I’m finally beginning to understand how to make patterns that fit a moving, shifting person. I’m only on page 40, just received the pattern ruler this week, but I am so very excited that my pattern making skills can be a match to my sewing skills because then I can confidently make clothing that both suit and fit me.

(in your books) You explain why, and then you tell us how.  This process has always been a mystery but now the reality is being revealed!

Claudette UK 2015

As a dress-maker and sewing teacher of many years standing, I have found your pattern ruler a huge time and money saver.
So much so, that when the new “stretch” ruler was introduced, it was a must on my shopping list and I have found it just as effective given the fashion trend towards stretch fabrics.

I recommend the ruler to any person wishing to design or copy patterns, change the size of existing patterns with minimum fuss or to draw off basic bodice blocks to work from in a quarter of the time of the old conventional methods I used to use.
The ruler really has made my life easier

Thank you for the tremendous amount of hard work and ingenuity you have put into your very clever product.

Posted By: Dallas

Dear Eilleen,
Since I bought the Point & Pivot Pattern Ruler my life has been made a dream when it comes to sewing, as my dresses fit me right away and there is no more fitting, etc., to get the dress to fit correctly. You just use the pattern ruler as your pattern with your own measurements then just design what style you want to make, then cut out and sew, and wear the dress.

Dressmaking was a nightmare before, now it is a dream so quick and easy.
Thanks for designing the wonderful patter ruler.

Posted By: Margaret

Eilleen Lewis-Designer
Eilleen Lewis-Designer